Reuse of Information

Reuse of Text

Unless otherwise indicated, all text within products may be reused without our permission. Credit the as the source.

In the case of digital reproduction, please link to the original post using the original title; for example,

Asbestos and cancer” was originally published by website.”

Consider linking directly to our content rather than reproducing it, as our content may be updated over time.

Reuse of Graphics

Graphics (photos, illustrations) used in information products are a mix of copyrighted and copyright-free materials. If you want to reuse a graphic independently of the original product, please follow this guidance:

  • Graphics created and owned by private-sector designers will be credited to individuals or companies. Permission to reuse these copyrighted graphics must be negotiated directly with the creators, and not If you’re not sure who the creator is, email us

Reuse of Logo

The logo may only be used in reproductions of original, wholly unchanged products.

  • Updated: July 21, 2021